Birth Art

Everyone always wants to know...

"So, what exactly is Birth Art?"

Birth Art is an incredible method of teaching you what you already know about your birth, but didn't know you knew it! It is definitely NOT about being an artist, but is all about the discovery of information through a process of creative expression. The journey through the process of doing the art project is what is critical, not the final product.

So, take a deep breath and relax - you don't have to be an artist to have a baby. Whew! Aren't you glad!

Right-brain / Left-brain

It is important to understand that the process of birth takes place in our right-brain. For a moment, view labor and birth as the unveiling of a masterpiece. It is the first time the world is presented with your finished product - this beautiful little expression of creation that has been developing, growing, waiting nine months to be revealed.

With that in mind, if we consider where most of our information about brith comes from, most of us would say we've been reading a few books, watching Baby Story on TV, going to childbirth classes, etc... The information from these sources is left-brain activity. It is the critical/analytical thinking side of us.

If all of the information we gather about birth is in our left-brain, and if, when we are in labor, we are operating in our right-brain, what happens to all that knowledge and information stored in the left-brain? It goes out the window! Is is of no use to you, it cannot be accessed, and leaves you in a vulnerable position.

But if you have taken time to take left-brain information and store it prenatally in the right-brain through right-brain activity, then when you make your labor journey to birth you are able to access the information you placed in the creative/expressive brain - and it is always exactly what you needed to know, that you didn't know that you knew, but now you do know.

Does Birth Art Really Make a Difference?

I have been a Childbirth Educator since 1981 - more than 20 years! It has only been since 2002 that I have incorporated Birth Art in my teaching style. But what I have discovered and observed is that women who engage their right-brain prenatally and store left-brain information through right-brain activity are stronger, more confident, less fearful, less vulnerable and more accepting of their unique journey to birth with less expectation for a particular outcome.

I have loved the results and have observed a definite contrast in mothers who participate in Birth Art vs. those who do not. My clients have loved Birth Art and some actually return after they've had their babies wanting to do MORE ART.

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