"Midwifery" encompasses much, much more than simply attending your birth. I am committed not only to the health, but also to the well-being of both you and your baby throughout the entire pregnancy and beyond.

This page gives an overview of my services and fees. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me for clarification.

Services & Fees

For a printable version of the Financial Agreement & Services click here.

Prenatal Care:

Each prenatal visit is typically 1 hour in length. In addition to developing our rapport, each visit will consist of a routine health check (blood pressure check, pulse, weight, nutrition, palpation of baby, fundal height, baby's heart tones) and an opportunity for you to have your questions answered.

Schedule of Prenatal Visits
Week 1 - 27 Week 28 - 35 Week 36 - birth
every 3 weeks every 2 weeks every week (more often if necessary)

Labor and Birth Care:

When you are in labor, you will call me; and when you are ready for me to be with you, I will come to your home.

I will support you and care for you during labor, assist you in the delivery of your baby, and remain with you for approximately 2-4 hours after your birth to monitor you and your baby.

I will make sure that both of you are stable, that you have been nourished, that your baby is nursing, that you are not bleeding excessively, that your blood pressure is stable, and that your baby's temperature, heart rate, and respiration are stable.

I will help you with your bath or shower after the birth and change the sheets on your bed. I will leave your birth place neat and tidied.

Post-partum Care:

Once you have delivered, I will see you again for approximately 5 more visits post-partum. The first visit is on the first day after delivery. Following visits are on the third day, tenth day, three weeks and six weeks after your birth.

If everything regarding your health and the baby's health related to pregnancy, birth and the post-partum period are found to be normal, I will release you from my care at that time. If you are interested in a Pap smear at your six-week visit, that can be arranged.

Even More Services:

Labor/Birth Pool Laboring in the pool can greatly reduce stress. I support women who choose water birth.
Birth Art Projects Pregnancy/Birth is a creative process! See my section on Birth Art.
Education Although I am a childbirth educator, my main role is to be your midwife. I am able to answer questions throughout your pregnancy, but I highly recommend that you take a childbirth class in your community.
Lending Library I have an extensive library at your disposal.
Belly Butter I make my own �belly butter� for my clients to use in preventing stretch marks (scars) and also to heal old ones. Your first jar is complimentary and each subsequent jar is $8.00 when you return the empty to recycle. Belly Butter is $10.00 to non-clients.
Yard Card To congratulate you on the birth of your baby! Complete with balloons.


My fee is $4,500. An early payment option is available. Please take a look at the Financial Agreement for all payment options.

A $450 deposit is expected at your first prenatal to secure a place for you in my practice. This also covers your initial lab work.

For an explanation of the refund policy, see the Financial Agreement.

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For an appointment, call Dana Savage, RM, CPM @ 719-332-0331

A Midwife For Better Birth - 19553 Lindenmere Drive - Monument, CO 80132

What You Can Expect From Me

For a printable version of What You Can Expect & FAQ's click here.


When you become my client, you can expect the highest standard of midwifery care available. I do limit my clientele each month so that I am able to maintain that standard of care. Every prenatal appointment is one hour in length (minimum) during which you and your growing baby will be nurtured and a routine check-up will be performed. You will be given the opportunity to voice any concerns, opinions and/or questions during your time with me. This is your pregnancy, your baby and your birth. When you hire me, I believe you have hired me as your partner for a safe and healthy birth. As partners, we will always treat one another's ideas and opinions with utmost respect.

Office Hours:

My office is located at 19553 Lindenmere Drive in Monument. My hours are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, although I see the majority of my clients on Mondays. Wednesday and Friday are used for home visits, interviews, and reschedule days if I have a birth on Monday.

Phone Rules:

My cell number is 719-332-0331. As my client, you have access to me 24/7. If you get my answer machine, always leave a message. Your call will be returned as soon as I become available.

Childbirth Education:

I have been a childbirth educator for the last 22 years and will work with you and your partner during our prenatal time to meet your needs throughout your pregnancy. You are always encouraged to ask questions and I will do my best to satisfy your inquiry. You are welcome to arrange for and attend a childbirth class of your choice if this is not what you had in mind.

I have taken the Level One training of Birthing from Within with Pam England and all my clients have the option of participating in birth art projects. I provide all supplies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a printable version of What You Can Expect & FAQ's click here.

When should I call you?

You should call anytime you have questions or concerns that cannot wait until your next appointment.

Also, no matter what time of day or night it is, you should call me if you are running a fever, if you are worried about your baby, if you are bleeding, if your water breaks, or if you are in labor. Otherwise, call me during the day.

Who will come to my birth?

Your birth environment is very important to me. I encourage my clients to give thoughtful consideration regarding any observers they wish to invite. You are welcome to invite as many or as few as you prefer. Older siblings are always welcome, but must have a designated person whose main purpose is to care for the older siblings; and that person must be comfortable with the idea that they may not have the opportunity to witness the birth if an older child is not comfortable in the birthplace at the time of birth.

You are welcome to hire a doula for your birth if that is your preference.

When you hire me as your midwife, I am your primary care giver and when you come to my office, you will always see me. When you are in labor you will call me and I will come to your birth. One of my colleagues will also attend your birth as my assistant.

How long will you stay after the birth?

I will remain with you and your newborn for approximately 4 hours following your delivery. During this time I will be monitoring your vitals and those of your baby. I want to be sure you are not bleeding excessively, that your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature are stable. I will be watching the baby to be sure she is breathing without stress and that her temperature is stable, and I will perform the newborn exam with you looking on. I will be sure that both mother and baby are well nourished before I leave.

What about the mess?

Surprisingly to most families, birth is not as messy as they had pictured. My assistant and I will leave your birthplace neat and tidy. We will start your laundry while we are there and we will pack up all our equipment to take with us as we go. (The only exception may be the labor pool; every birth is a different circumstance.)

What if I need to go to the hospital?

If it becomes necessary to transport you and/or your baby to the hospital you will not be left alone. I will accompany you and usually my assistant comes along as well.

Does my baby need to see a pediatrician?

My license allows me to care for your newborn for the first six weeks following birth. If there is any indication that your baby is in trouble or needs more specialized care than I can provide, I will refer you to a pediatrician, specialist and/or hospital. If you want to have your baby seen by a pediatrician following the birth, that is of course your prerogative. I do not do circumcisions, as this is a surgical procedure. If you are planning to circumcise, you will need to make arrangements with a pediatrician or family practice doctor.

How often will I see you after the birth?

I will follow your care for six weeks post-partum. After your baby is born, I will see you the next day at your home, the third day at your home, the 7th - 10th day at my office, the third week at my office and the sixth week at my office. I offer you a post-partum pap smear at twelve weeks that is included in my fee for your birth. And of course if you need to be seen for any reason in between these visits, you will be seen.

What sets your practice apart from all the rest?

I am a direct-entry midwife trained by the apprenticeship model of midwifery care. (This is the hands-on training approach. I received academic instruction concurrently with instruction and application of practical skills.)

I am the only midwife in the area who has provided childbirth education and a doula service for over 22 years. I had been established in the birth community for many years before beginning my midwifery training, which I believe, equipped me to better serve women in childbirth.

Two of my other strengths are my art background and business experience. Both have been incredible assets to setting up my practice as a midwife.

As my client...

  • As my client, I will facilitate a labor/birth pool if you choose to have a water birth.
  • As my client, you will receive a compilmentary jar of belly butter and any additional jars at a discounted price. (I make belly butter for my clients to use to prevent stretch marks and to heal old ones.)
  • As my client, you will have access to my lending library.
  • As my client, you will be given the option to participate in any or all of my birth art projects throughout your prenatal time and post-partum.
  • As my client, you will receive a Yard Card congratulating you on the birth of your baby complete with balloons.
  • Anytime you refer a new client that is accepted into my practice, you will receive a nice expression of my gratitude.
  • And, as my client you will always be treated with consideration and respect.

As I work toward making birth better for women and their families I appreciate your time and consideration of what I might offer you through professional midwifery care.

For Better Birth,
Dana Savage, RM, CPM

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